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Access3 in conjunction with its associated companies are leaders in providing voice, data and hosted solution to the SME market in Melbourne.

With a proven model and a customer base stretching from commercial offices, hotels, student accommodation and residential properties, Access3 supports in excess of 2500 handsets and 800 businesses with voice and data services.

Leveraging off Tier 1 carriers both on a data and voice level, Access3 can provide robust and corporate grade services in the SME arena at below market rates.

Our aim is to utilize a central model for hosting, internet and voice services to deliver a cost effective and enterprise product to the small and medium businesses around Melbourne, with future plans to expand into other Australian states.

With the ability to offer all your business ICT services, Access3 is the all encompassing provider when looking for business phones, mobiles, internet services and hosted solutions.

If you are not happy with your current solution or believe you can get a more competitive price for a superior service, contact Access3 to experience what all SME businesses are looking for in ICT services.

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